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                                                          impacting lives and healing nations

Never to look at things as they are but as they are to be.


Thank you for taking the time to read this introductory information about Ndubuisi Eke Ministries International (NEMI) Business Leaders project.

NEMI enjoys the support of many partners some who are not actually based in Nigeria but are fully planted in their own local churches; these faithful, generous people are fully behind our vision of reaching the lost and impacting people’s lives. All this requires finance and we believe that everyone has the ability to do something in this respect. Indeed, only together can we achieve the great things in our heart! Everyone’s giving is significant and your contribution is essential to the outworking of the greater vision entrusted to us.

However, some people in the business and workplace world want to make an extra difference; they wish to partner more closely with like-minded men and women who are committed to God’s House and aspire to raising finance for it.

The Business Leaders project allows your business to finance our ministry vision. The Business Leaders project will encourage, support and grow your life. This will, in turn, grow your business or workplace effectiveness, and enable you to achieve your aspirations.

 Your business can enjoy three levels of membership available and these are explained briefly below. Each is effectively a partnership; a partnership between the spiritual leaders of the church and individual partners who want to be used more effectively to finance the vision we share.

Together we can make provision to implement that vision! Ndubuisi Eke VISIONARY 

DIRECTORS are men and women who believe that part of the reason they exist is to raise finance for the Kingdom of God, and they are committed to making provision for the vision of the local church in which they are firmly planted. This will be expressed in their regular giving of offerings into that setting.

  All Director events will be hosted by Evangelist Ndubuisi Eke. These tailored events are designed to equip with wisdom for life principles, promote friendships, motivate, encourage, build up and strengthen business and workplace leaders. Some events will be fully catered private functions at specially selected venues. These will include teaching and mentoring from Ndubuisi Eke and internationally acclaimed visiting speakers. A gift of carefully chosen resource material will also be made available at each event.


ASSOCIATES are emerging business people and workplace leaders who are fully committed to making provision for the vision of this ministry. This will be expressed in their regular offerings into NEMI.



SUPPORTERS are individuals with an interest in business and workplace advancement, who are fully committed to giving regular offerings to this vision as a mark of their commitment. In addition, they wish to support the wider ministry of NEMI as they are able.


If you are unable to be part of either the Director or Associate groups, then we would encourage you to consider getting involved in the Supporter’s group.

 email me:

The Ministry I see is immersed in the Word of God and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The Ministry I see is not religious but spiritually deep, humorous, caring, compassionate and impactful.

The Ministry I see is local and International at the same time. It is local in the sense that it is God’s instrument for community re-engineering and reaching out to the rest of the world.

The Ministry I see has young and old, different ethnicity, race, color and culture.

The Ministry I see is a church of Power. Miracles, wonders and signs are a daily occurrence.

The Ministry I see is blessed, large, productive and resourceful.

The Ministry I see is a church that collaborates with other churches and ministries to expand God’s kingdom. The Ministry I see is designed to help people discover their gifts and individual calling.

The Ministry I see is deep and alive in Prayer, the Word and Worship.

The Ministry I see is not an inward church but basically outward. In this I mean that we can driven by the Lord’s command to “Go, into all the world and preach the gospel.”

The Ministry I see is a family, a home for everyone. It is a place where the sinners are welcome and transformed into a saint. I see an International ministry, a global community for healing, training and empowering of the saint for the work of the ministry.

What we believe

The Ministry I see believes the Holy Scripture is the infallible Word of God.

The Ministry I see believes in the Trinity-Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Ministry I see believes miracles, signs and wonders are integral for church growth.

The Ministry I see believes in the Spirit-filled life as the way to fully yield and live the Christian life.

The Ministry I see believes in water baptism and a symbol of identification with the death and resurrection with Christ.

The Ministry I see believes that prosperity, healing and deliverance follows the gospel of Christ.

The Ministry I see believes that the House of God is God’s mechanism for societal, community, and national transformation.


  •  NEMI is a place of spiritual revival and the move of God. The normal lethargic and traditional church has given birth to weak Christian ignorant of who they are in Christ.
  •  NEMI is not a religious setting but a powerful living force and fire brand community that will liberate and heal the nations.
  • NEMI is God’s tool to awaken the church to her spiritual position (Heavenly places in Christ). The preaching, teaching and demonstration of the Word of God is vital to ensure that people’s faith is not upon the wisdom of men but the power of God.
  • NEMI is a special kind of ministry God has raised us for such a time as these. We will be partnering with other ministries as this with the same kind of calling all across the world.
  •  NEMI will represent the face of the church and the beautiful feet of the church. We are pioneering a new move of God that will transform lives and bring the body of Christ to the unity of Faith.
  •  NEMI will have her voice across the world through the various media: satellites, print media, television, internet etc

                    -Ask of Me and I will give you the nations.  _________________________________________________________  


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