THE VISION

The vision of this ministry is transforming lives, restoring hopes and healing nations. The focus of NEMI is to equip the body of Christ all across the world through insight from God’s Word. We believe in the Word of God as the principal instrument for national transformation. This ministry seeks to be global voice for the reshaping of ideology and societal values. We incorporate divine principles as our approach to birth national change.

NEMI is committed to the Great Commission handed to the Church by our Lord Jesus Christ- “Go then and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

NEMI has a divine mandate to reach the most remote part of Africa to see lives transformed and to demonstrate the practical love of Christ.

NEMI aims to reach the lost and also to equip the body of Christ with the necessary tools needed to live a successful Christian life and carryout effective ministry.


Books and Tapes Ministry: When we write books is because we want something to last beyond our lives. The power of books can never be overestimated in national development. Our lives tend to gravitate in the direction of our exposure. Therefore, publication serves as a medium for empowering leaders for the task God has assigned for them.

  • Our book publications will help support financially the ministries healing outreaches, and conferences.
  • The royalty from our books will go into funding ministry projects.
  • Our books are also distributed freely in regions; locality and institutions were NEMI is privileged to preach the good news. Providing our books freely will help minister who can’t afford to buy them. But they are made possible through the gift of our partners across the world.
  • The royalty will go into publishing other books.

Bible Ministry: NEMI has a flourishing Bible ministry which began since 2005. We have remained committed in distributing free Bibles to new believer who cannot afford to buy them. Our main partners in this laudable vision are (Dean and Lori Wine).

Internet Ministries: In 2009 NEMI embarked on the internet ministry. Till date NEMI has recorded unprecedented impact in the lives of various groups of people. Our monthly articles have helped many live successful lives. We get report from Cameroon, Kenya, Ghana, Europe and America of effect our articles have on their lives.

Tract Ministries: NEMI will begin a quarterly tract publication. Every body is a target for God’s love and mercy. These tracts will contain issues that empower people to live out their destiny.



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