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As NEMI Partner Join me to: “Bring Divine Interventions to the challenges and situations of Life…” Become Involved

 Dearest Treasured Partners,

     Thank you for loving the Lord so much and allowing Him direct your will to this ministry. The word of God says concerning the church in the book of Acts, God added to them daily.  The church grows by divine additioning not just by membership! As I continue to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to expand and make clearly the vision of NEMI to me so that I can better communicate it to you so together we can reach out to what the Holy Spirit is doing in our generation.

Where are we?

To get people involved in a worthwhile cause it is important that the visionary be able to state clearly where the organization is and where it is going. The objective of the Holy Spirit for giving this vision is so that NEMI can be a voice for global transformation. 

One of the biggest part you can play with this ministry is to see it bring divine intervention to the challenges and situations of life. Our vision has not change; but has become more clearer and these simple words:  “Bringing Divine Interventions to the challenges and situations of Life…” encapsulate what we mean by transforming lives, restoring hopes and healing nation. People everywhere needs a divine intervention to be transformed restored and heal. We can no longer offer them false hope; hypes and disappointment; to accomplish this will require divine power.

Where are we going? We are on a journey to bring Heaven down to earth, to touch the pains of earth with the face of Heaven. Heaven has a face and I hope NEMI will be the face of Heaven on earth. The Holy Spirit laid on my heart that NEMI’s vision will require faithful intercessors and partners who are committed to see God revealed in our generation. There are nations across Africa ravished by war and injustice, sickness and diseases, its time to go to them!

It’s Time to Go To Macedonia

What and where is Macedonia? According to Acts 16:9, Macedonia is the places of greatest need and desperation. I tell you its time to take God’s revival fires to places and people in desperation for God’s touch. God will always send his ministers to the places of greatest desperation. That was why the Holy Spirit prevented Paul from going to Bithynia and Asia to preach and instead sends them to Macedonia where a man was standing and begging him, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” To accomplish this task, I will need your collective involvement. The following opportunities are opened to new and existing partners of NEMI.

NEMI Intercessory Ministry (NIM)

Prayer is the key to open the doors of desperation, breakthroughs and opportunities. I can’t do it alone, I need you. If God is asking you to be an intercessor for this ministry I will love you to write me and share it with me. This responsibility is not a casual one and should not be made haphazardly. You will receive an email from me confirming you as a NEMI Intercessory Minister (NIM). This will entitle you to our weekly intercessors prayer reports.

NEMI Financial Partners (NFP)

Financial partners are sent by the Lord, they are never the result of a well drafted vision statement. I believe so much in what we can do with the adequate financial funding received from our financial partners. The purpose of money is not just for personal spending but for the Lord’s work. If God is asking you to be financial partner for this ministry I will love you to write me and share with me of your commitment to give to NEMI.        Your financial giving are used with the strictest care and directed solely towards the kingdom cause. You will be receiving from me an email confirming you as a NEMI Financial Partner; which will entitle you to our monthly financial reports and information on what your giving to the Lord through this ministry is accomplishing across Africa. NEMI financial giving plan is in threefold, we have the One-time giving plan, the yearly giving plan and the quarterly giving plan. I will advice you to pray about the plan you deem best for you.  TO BECOME INVOLVE PLEASE FILL OUT THE ENROLLMENT FORM.

Send your monthly or one time financial  commitment through Paypal.

Deborah Delaney (NEMI AUSTRALIA)


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