“The story of our deliverance become a prophesy for someone else that he or she can be delivered”.

                                                               -Evangelist Eke

     -Creating opportunities and maximizing human potentials


The Church is the agent of national reform and transformation. The exact words Jesus chose to describe the church’s assignment were salt and light!


Ndubuisi Eke is the visionary of Christ Business School (CBC). He has a B.TH, M.A in Biblical Studies, and National Diploma in Business Admin. This unique vision was born in August 12, 2011. The Kingdom of God will infiltrate the whole human system the same way the yeast infiltrate the dough. There has never been a business school devoted to the training of people who will live with a kingdom consciousness to impact cultures and society in Africa. CBC aims to promote the dignity in labor, create opportunity, support exploration, innovation and creativity.


I would describe CBC as a business seminary. It is important it’s described that way so our vision is easy to communicate. Jesus talked so much about business (stewardship) in the Gospels. I see CBC becoming the bench mark for business schools around the world. CBC will be known for gain hands on, practical knowledge and not just theory.

CBC will raise people who are extremely productive and can contribute through economic empowerment to national transformation. This vision will be funded adequately; a state of the art learning facility will be built to accommodate the numbers of student in the institution.

In 100 years from now, I see CBC outlive me and also making tremendous contribution to God’s kingdom. One of my goals is to train intelligent stewards, kingdom economist, and business owners who will succeed in their various areas of business as a consequence spread prosperity for the kingdom project. Jesus told a story of a rich man who threw a banquet and sent his servant to bring people from the high way and by way. CBC will go into our inner cities, streets, and high ways and by ways to get as much people as possible that have a call in the area of business and empower them. This is also a strategic method for missions and evangelism. CBC will give purpose and vision to ordinary people and help them navigate their path in lives.


  • CBC is a Kingdom base initiative that will be instrumental raising people who understand their purpose in life and calling into business for the sake of the Kingdom.
  • CBC is about empowering disadvantaged people and equipping them with the knowledge, funding, environment to excel in their chosen vocation.
  • CBC realizes that a call into Christian ministry is not only about the pulpit. There are people with specific call in the business world. CBC seeks to help them honor and celebrate their calling as well fulfill it.
  • CBC is a religious school. Our courses and curriculums are Kingdom based. They are intensive and demanding because we believe of the church is going to set the mark for the world it must have a higher standard.
  • Finally, CBC is Christ centered. Our core value is to teach and impart Christ’s hidden wisdom and knowledge.


In the world of unequal opportunity CBC will create the environment necessary to STIMULATE, ENERGISE AND CREATE (SEC).

Stimulate:  Most of us grew up hearing the word, “There is dignity in labor”. But today the opposite is the case. Labor has lost its value. People now pursue money they never earned. The dignity accrued to labor has loss its value in Nigeria. Most of the brightest minds in business are not in the Harvard business school but on the street. CBC will stimulate them through training and education in an atmosphere conducive for learning. Most street hawkers do not know they are entrepreneur and business owners.

Energize: CBC will energize transformation through Spirit filled and Bible based business principle. We aim to inculcate spiritual revelations and insights into the hearts of ordinary people that will turn them into extraordinary and successful business owners and shapers of society.

Create: In an atmosphere were people can freely dream and experience unlimited opportunity creativity is easily expressed. CBC is a place people can create, give birth to something the world has never seen and improve what other have done in the vary areas of business. The goal is the create opportunities and maximize human potentials to the fullness which only Jesus can do.


Christ Business School is opened to Africans especially Nigeria. The minimum entry requirement is an O’ level (a pass is acceptable) willingness to learn, grow and make vital contribution to the Kingdom of God. While our focus is the Kingdom you don’t have to be a Christian to enroll.

Also you must have a desire and love for business, to own or create your business and be ready to be fully involved in business full time.


CBC offers 95% scholarship and financial assistance for students. Our fees are totally affordable. All students must reside in the school hostel.


CBC will create an avenue where student would travel abroad to other business schools that are affiliated with CBC. Also our students have the opportunity to be taught and mentored by the best international business experts around the world.


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