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man of God

The ministry, mission and mandate of the man of God, Ndubuisi Eke is affecting lives around the world.


God commissioned the man of God with the mandate to “ignite spiritual awakening” across the world.


In 2005, the man of God experienced a mighty encounter with the Holy Spirit, the waves of power flowed through my body. And from that day the ministry of the man of God has been marked by unprecedented miracles, signs and
wonders. The coldness and lukewarm person who come across the man of God catches the fire of God and the zeal
to serve the Lord. Every person who have come in contact with the ministry of the man of God have experienced a transformed life, and restored hope. God has raised His servant and empowered him with the anointing for the healing of the nations.  The man of God carries an extraordinary teaching anointing.



As you attend this meeting, you will be inspired and blessed by the teachings and wisdom of the man of God.
The ministry, mission and mandate of the man of God is blessing people all around the world.


IMG-20160127-WA0003 Ndubuisi Eke Ministries is so excited that we will be having with us prophet Samson Ajilore for our Power and Authority Conference and Miracle Service.

God sent Samson Ajilore as an apostolic & Prophetic voice with a definite mandate to liberate humanity from darkness into light through anointed words and to make God’s unconditional love come alive in the Consciousness of people of every tongues . Sam publishes the will of God to the body of Christ and the world at large.

He is commited to spreading the gospel of Christ with love and Power. Sam came from a long line of apostolic & prophetic ministers. His name, birth &ministry were supernaturally predicted by God before his birth through an angel. He has been in the ministry from five following a supernatural encounter with the

Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Sam’s teachings are very down to heart. He’s a warmly humorous teacher, with a heart for people, who has helped countless around the world experience God’s boundles love & power…




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