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The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen (2 Cor. 13:14).

The word communion comes from the Greek word Koinoonia. Koinoonia conveys intimacy, partnership, friendship, participation, sharing together and responsibility. Paul wrote to the Philippians church commending their generosity and care. He said, “Yet it was kind of you to share my trouble” (Philippians 4:14). To share (Koinoonia) in my troubles means literally sharing my affliction. The word “sharing” also means partnership, partakers in suffering. The word “affliction” in this context means hardships and difficulties.  To help me in my troubles is a more concrete way of saying “to share the burden of my troubles. The phrase suggests the closeness of the bond that held the Paul and the Philippians together; they took Paul’s natural need to themselves. In other words, they took responsibility for him.

Therefore, it will do no harm to this verse if we translate 2Cor.13:14 to say, “…and the responsibility of the Holy Spirit be with you all”.

We don’t need to pled and beg for the Holy Spirit to come near because He is always nearby longing to share our affliction. Just as the Philippians church participated in financing Paul’s ministry; the Holy Spirit also wants to participate in helping us in our entire endeavor. The Holy Spirit will stand with us even when nobody supports our vision. He shares our profits and losses. When we find ourselves in awkward circumstances the Spirit takes responsibility in helping us.  Paul said, “No church entered into partnership with me in the matter of giving and receiving, except you only”(Philippians 4:15).

Paul proceeds to say “even in Thessalonica you contributed to my need more than once when I needed help.” The Spirit never stops helping us overcome our distresses when we embrace His partnership. He does it once and again. As we awaken to the realization of the bond that holds the Holy Spirit and us together, we will begin to understand that the Holy Spirit wants to take our natural need to Himself. All of us are confronted with crisis or a decision about which we don’t know how to solve; with the responsibility of the Holy Spirit we can begin to access heaven’s wisdom and supply. I once shared this wonderful truth about the responsibility of the Holy Spirit being with us with my prophetic mentor who usually experience water enter his house whenever it rained. He began to ask for the responsibility of the Spirit. On a particular day it rained when he wasn’t at home. Thinking his entire house would be flooded; he got home and realized the rain didn’t get into his house. The only explanation for this was the Holy Spirit had shared in his affliction and taken responsibility for it. I have experienced several of this operation of the Holy Spirit in my life and ministry. Where I suddenly discover, the yoke is broken, the burden lifted, and a way where I thought there was no way. Truly the Holy Spirit compensates for every lack and weaknesses in our lives. We must totally depend on Him for everything.

February 2011

Evangelist Ndubuisi Eke


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