Month: December 2010

the 2011 I see…

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2011 the year of MAGNIFICATION…

 The secret to our magnification in 2011 will be Acts 1:8. The power (DUNAMIS) of GOD which is the Miracle working abilities has been given to us as a church we can’t afford to die in shame.”


A word for my Partners:

“YOU must have a renewed desire this year to study His Word indepthly. Spend time and visit people who will spur you on your walk with God.”


Prayer for my Partners:

“I PRAY for you that in 2011 every step you take daily will fit into heavens plan for your life and generations.”



To have fellowship with the Holy Spirit I must learn to share my feelings, knowledge, hurt, together through expression in words. I cannot keep my feelings of love in my mind, it must be shared. I must learn to adore and thank Him! Pray in the Holy Spirit, welcome His presence and show my appreciation to Him. Without doing this I can never develop a fellowship. I don’t want to turn to the Holy Spirit only in times of trouble; I must learn how to walk with the Holy Spirit as a natural way of life.

Personal Thoughts:

GOD is not using me because I am a perfect man nor is He with me because I have it all worked out perfectly. He is with me because I love Him and my constant failing increases my longing after Him.”