The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord

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The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord

by Todd Bentley

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Prov 9:10). It’s only when the Spirit of the fear of the Lord is upon us that God will trust us with the other manifestations of the Spirit upon us, such as wisdom, revelation, counsel, knowledge, and might (Is. 11:2)

The fear of the Lord is to depart from evil. It’s the guard that keeps us from becoming prideful, boatful, or flippant. It guards us from compromising our holiness, or misusing our authority or power.

The angel that went before Israel’s tiny army carried the fear of the Lord that caused larger armies to tremble and kill each other or turn and flee; this angel even destroyed enemy armies to grant Israel a great victory (Is. 37:36). When this angel walks with us, no gang or devil can get to us. There’s authority and power when this angel comes. He’ll go before us.

The “fear of the Lord” means “dread, awe, or the revere.” My definition would be: “Wow, wow, wow! Over God’s majesty, holiness, and strength.” The spirit bears a strong nature of holiness. He ministries to us and helps us to be holy. We can’t produce it ourselves. It’s grace from heaven. There are times that God comes in His presence or Spirit to impart supernatural grace and power so that we can be free of sin. This can only come out of His glory and presence, and it sometimes causes fear, dread, and terror (Ex. 20:18,20).

As New Testament believers, Hebrews 4:16 calls for us to approach the throne to obtain mercy and grace in time of need. Mercy is for the sins we’ve committed (we don’t get what we deserve). But God also gives us grace, which is an endowment of power to help us overcome sin. Grace even keeps us from the desire to sin. It’s as if we’re in a protective cocoon. The battle tips in our favor. So, when we sin, we don’t just ask for forgiveness but grace so we won’t fall again.

The fear of the Lord brings us into His presence. When we’re in God’s presence, we don’t want to sin. When we’re not in His presence, we sin and then the Enemy makes us feel so guilty that we don’t want to reenter His presence. It’s a catch-22. Guilt keeps us from the glory pillar-the refiner’s fire that can burn the sin tendency out of us. We can’t be holy without being in the glory and being in front of the throne of grace. Without holiness we won’t enter in, and it’s by entering in that we receive the endowment of power.

The fear of the Lord keeps us in check so the rest of the Spirits can work through us. What does He demand in exchange? Consecration, holiness, and separation from sin- simple to say, harder to walk out. Pray for that grace from the Lord, through the Spirit of the fear of the Lord which removes our desire to sin and gives you power over it.
– Todd Bentley


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    powerful indeed


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