Living in Error

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One of  the greatest quest in my life  is making make sure I have got my thinking and belief system in alignment with the Word of God. It’s unfortunate that I have seen, heard, and been with well meaning Christians who are living in error.

Living in Error

I define living in error as a way of living that is presumptuously wrong and in conflict with Divine thoughts. Most of the time people living in error are believers who have taken a contrary stand towards God unknowing.  I was astonished the day the Holy Spirit told me, ” Your ignorance is the joy of your enemy.”

Our society, culture and global community is full of people whose lives are characterized with error. National leaders like Saddam Hussein of Iraq, Adolf Hitler, and Charles Taylor of Liberia were men who had a mindset that was built up in error. But in their minds they thought they were right.


The reply of Jesus was, “You are in error, through ignorance of the Scriptures and of the power of God (Matthew 22:29). Our ignorance of the Word of God will always lead a generation astray.The Sadducees  in Jesus time had taken an erroneous stand on marriage and resurrection.

Error had produced in the deception of heart. Their deception appeared in their supposing, that if there were a resurrection, men and women were to marry and be given in marriage as in this life; which our Lord shows is not the case: for men and women there shall be like the angels of God, immortal, and free from all human passions, and from those propensities which were to continue with them only during this present state of existence. There shall be no death; and consequently no need of marriage to maintain the population of the spiritual world.

They had taken a wrong view of the doctrine of the resurrection.


The Bible says , ‘One generation shall commend your works to the next generation.’ It therefore means that we will impart to the next generation those beliefs we hold so dearly.

The Sadducees must have transfer the error of resurrection to the next generation while they felt they were right they were wrong.

It’s sad what the power of error can do. I read in christian journal that in America gay and lesbians are being joined in marriage by church leaders. I also read about the Naked Church. They are of the view that God’s primary intention in the garden of Eden was that Adam and Eve were to be naked. These  so called christians attend church service and conduct church marriage in nakedness.


Not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God. These two things were the spring and source of our errors:  when we lack  a true knowledge, and right understanding of the Scriptures.

Many of their ideas though gotten from  many places in the Old Testament,  though they approved of the Scriptures and read them, yet they did not understand them, and so fell into those gross errors and sad mistakes; nor did they attend to the power of God.


Jesus Christ is perfect theology. He is the “exact representation of His nature,” (Hebrews 1:3) the ultimate portrayal of the Father. Questions that exist about God’s nature in the Old Testament were clarified in the New Testament.

I’m a disciple of Jesus.”  Jesus is the answer. If our study of Old Testament issues doesn’t lead us to Jesus as the answer, it reveals we never really understood the question. The types and symbols of the Old Testament do not override the clear manifestation of God through Jesus in the New Testament. Any understanding we have about the nature of God that can’t be seen in the person of Jesus, must be questioned.


2 thoughts on “Living in Error

    Temi said:
    September 14, 2010 at 11:08 am09

    God bless your heart!
    deep words, the Church needs to hear!


    Udokwu izuchukwu said:
    August 16, 2011 at 11:08 am08

    The world is getting lost , they need to hear this.


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