Building a strong inner life

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A Sad Tale

Most people who experience success in an area of their lives easily become victim of substance abuse.I have watched history repeat itself as people compromise their God given ability for substance abuse.I have discovered that everyone of us is prone to be defeated after the aftermath of our success.

When success meets us before our character is developed we end up destroying what we are building.Being in public eyes carries great price more than we are willing to pay.Success comes with great responsibility greater than the privilege it offers.Unless the victory in us is greater than the victory outside us,our external victory is likely to be our downfall. This principle is true in christian ministries as well as in any other field of human endeavor.

Internal victories must precede external victory if we want to experience lasting success.Why do pop stars, movie stars, and even most christian leaders end up in disaster?Answer,Only few have learn to build a strong inner life.

Most people draw their sense of  identity and fulfillment from performance.They are performance driven people.When they succeed in what they do we make them role models for our children, we get surprised when we hear the news that they just died of dope or drug overdose. What nobody told us was they were struggling inwardly.

What we do does not  truly define us.I can be a successful movie star or athlete and be celebrated by the world as a success and yet be a child molester and a wife beater. Our society is full of people who succeed in what they do and fail in who they are. This is the cause of so many downfall.

How do I Succeed in who Iam?

Everyone of us must embark on an adventure of discovery of who we are.I call it an adventure of identity.The Bibles says about God that in Him we live,and move and have our being.

This truth encapsulate our lives as human being that God must be the central focus of our existence.Locating my bearing in God gives me the fortitude to stand every outward pressure. People who grow with a disregard for God may claim to be experiencing a happy life but inwardly they are struggling with self inadequacy and sense of being.Not knowing who we really are we cause us to live lesser and abusive lives.

Knowing God and getting close to Him is the cure for the  “dryness,” “darkness,” “loneliness” and “torture” life offers. I compare not having an experience with God as hell.. You must be acutely aware of the discrepancy between your inner state and your public demeanor. Your smile is “a mask” or “a cloak that covers everything without God in your life.” You may be an eloquent speaker,orator yet you are engaged in verbal deception. ” ‘What hypocrisy.'”

The “dark night” of the soul

Succeeding before the world and failing before God and yourself can lead to deep depression. It causes  people to experienced some doubt.Absence of God in our lives can tear us apart when we are alone in the secret.

I challenge you today to evaluate your life and pursue true success.

We can never discover who we are until we have the boldness stronger than our present intimidation.

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