Its Time for Nation Building.

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The Light in the Darkness

I stand as a hope and a voice for my nation and for the gospel of Christ Jesus.
Iam a light bearer in a dark world.

I stand for vision and courage.

I stand for Truth and Integrity.

Iam so challenge about my walk with God and the people in my life who compel me to go deeper.

The authority of Ndubuisi Eke Ministries is from Heaven.

We are strong when we see where God is pointing us.It helps us become certain of our steps in life.One word that describes the task God has laid in my spirit is REVIVAL!
Through the Word and the Spirit this ministry is set out to awaken the church into her calling and destiny.And to demonstrate God’s love and power to the world.

Its takes collective strength to rise above the adversary of Hope and God in the world.The Body of Christ must function as one to win. We must teach our youth the power of God’s love and the pain of greed.

Selfishness lies at the root of a thousand evils and sins in the world and in the church: between rich and poor, capital and labor, nation and nation, man and man, church member and church member. Cure selfishness, and the essence of life is restored.

The Light in the Darkness

One thought on “Its Time for Nation Building.

    Evangelist Chiamaka Joy Lawrence said:
    March 10, 2010 at 11:08 pm03

    God gave us a lifetime to TEST OUR LIMITATIONS and to LIVE HIS DREAM FOR OUR LIFE.

    God’s dream for our lives is better than anything we can imagine. God created a beautiful world and populated it with life, and then He gave it to us for our enjoyment. He also put an eternal spirit inside us, and we have the privilege of living as one of his children. That’s why some of us call him Father. God is on our side and has our best interests at heart. He has a powerful and positive dream for our life, and if we get in agreement with him, that dream can come true.

    But there’s a catch. The only way for that dream to come true is for us to test our limitations. God doesn’t have any limitations – all of them belong to us. To the extent that we cling to our limitations, to that degree we limit the ability of God to work a miracle in our life.


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