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This article is born out of an inspiration given by the Holy Spirit to thousands out there who are facing one or two lives crisis.The saying,’Never say never” is a statement of a fighter,

The truth about life is that what happens to us does not define or describe us.It is what happens in us that does.

God is a God who specializes in using our mistakes,fault to work out a perfect master piece.Life will always give us a reason to want to pack up and go.But remember you will only be celebrated by what you conquer.History never celebrates quiter.Hero’s are not some problem free people, many of the people we celebrate, make quote of, put their pictures and flyers on out wall were not people who had a fair share from life.Without 27 years in prison Nelson Mandela may never have been a world celebrity.

What are you willing to face and conquer? The challenge today is that many of us are too weak to fight.We succome to lives woe.The loss in my life is only to propel me forward into my destiny.

I decided sometimes ago,I will confront and overcome whatever challenges life throws my way.Only those who decide will win.

Life is full of people living in self pity,who gave up because they found a genuine reason to.Mark this,there is never a genuine reason to stop fighting for a better life.

How many times did Abraham Lincoln tried to succeed and fail, I will tell you,its more than you can count.

I have my own records of failure too.But I will tell you,”IAM STILL  STANDING” because I learnt from my Bible the big truth that the greater One lives inside of me.

You maybe on the point of bankcrupty,perhaps a divorce, the loss of a loved one,loss of your health.Some of you may be contemplating suicide.I want to announce to you-Wait one more day.

You will only overcome whatever you are bigger than.I want to tell you with Christ in you,you can overcome,you can make a bounce back.

I love you my friend’s.

If this article has blessed you write me back.

Ndubuisi eke



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