A Letter to the Nigerian Leaders & the Church

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Diamond In The Rough

I believe there is a call to nation building.Its our collective efforts as Nigerians.

A Letter to the Nigerian Leaders & the Church


I heard the Lord speak to me one morning that, “The greatest gift He can give to me was people.”

People are our greatest gift and resources. The failure to understand this principle has led to the war and poverty in most third world nations. Most developing nations as they are now called have been marked with bloodshed and corruption. Its people are enslaved in misery with no hope of a sustainable living. Their only hope of a better living is migrating to the western countries where value is placed on people. Unfortunately, history has taught us that it is not what we have that matters, rather it is what we do with what we have that counts. Most of these third world nations languishing in poverty have more of the world riches mineral and material resources, but poor leadership is our undoing. One of the saddest case is that of Nigeria, having most of the brightest minds in the world,blessed with so much mineral resources; yet ranked amongst the poorest nations in the world. Corruption is an household name in Nigeria…it won’t be a BIG DEAL if parents start naming their children corruption.This decadence in our nation have affected every sphere of  institution. Maxwell defines Leadership as influence. But in Nigeria leadership is affluence-How much a leader can gather for himself. Nigeria has more looted funds worth trillion of dollar stashed in foreign countries by sick and unscrupulous leaders. Nigerian leaders have rendered our youths uneducated, our graduate unemployed, and our women widows. You have wasted the people entrusted to you, by your greed. Greed is any action motivated by fear of lack or poverty.


Our responsibility will determine our relevance in life.When we lose the sense of our reponsibility another will take our place and our relevance will be lost. The Church is an agent of transformation in every given society. The socio-political and economic problem on our nation is as a result of the indifference of the church.The church is not just a place where people gather to sing and dance, its an instrument of God to push back evil in the nation.

The Church missed it!

The church missed it when its focus became more about material blessings than spirituality. God bless me, is the major theme song in today’s church. Our blessing consciousness has drawn us deeper into irrelevance. The blessings of God always places a demand upon us. We are blessed to be a blessing.

More Church  More Crisis!

Its alarming the crime rate that we discover in places where churches are located around Nigeria.Why? I will tell you.The FEAR OF GOD makes men depart from evil. The church has lost the power to communicate the fear of God to the society. Because within the Church the fear of God is lacking. We are waiting for the political, entertainment, and the liberal group to do what we should do. What a shame. The Bible calls John the Baptist a Voice crying in the wilderness but today’s church is a Noise shouting in the wilderness.Voice is clear and precise,noise is unclear and hollow. The Church in Nigeria must return to the principle of John the Baptist.Jesus said that we are salt and light, but today’s church is pepper and darkness.We preach confusion and doctrine that have no relevance.

Why People Don’t Go To Church!

People don’t go to places they don’t get something relevant for their lives.Many beer parlors are better than most churches around.The church has disconnected people from social relevance.The government was designed to take counsel from the church in making its policies. But today, that is  not the case. The church is to restructure the nation. Nigeria is one among many nations of the world without an ideology. It is hard to identify what our nation stands for. America stand for freedom, Dubai stand for trade, what do we stand for? Nigeria is a nation without a map. We are moving and hoping to get anywhere.The entertainment industry is hoping to rebrand Nigeria and give it a face. But no! Only the Church can give Nigeria a direction.

The Solution

I have a solution which the church must embrace if her voice must be recovered.The way forward is for the Church to equip its adherent by preaching the right message.You can never succeed without the right perspective.Today’s church is blaming the devil for the problem it created. The answer is CREATIVITY AND VISION. Today’s church has no vision and she is not creative therefore she is shallow and unimportant.The coming of the Holy Spirit is to make us the most creative people. People who shape the world with Heavenly ideas. Creativity and vision through the Church will reshape our nation.This is how we can build Nigeria.Our  members must be empowered to have a vision and with that vision become creative.

By Ndubuisi Eke

August 2009


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