Tapping into the Unlimited Knowledge of the Holy Spirit.

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HolyGhost encounterTapping into the Unlimited Knowledge of the Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit was given to every Christian to transform our lives into a supernatural marvel to the world around us. He is the distinct feature of the believer.He is our greatest resources in this life. A friend of mine was able to get the information of the death of somebody I know without any prior information from anywhere…I thought to myself who told him? Then I realise that when we recieve the Holy Spirit ignorance becomes the thing of the past.
I can know my future, I can tell how my life will turn out because developing an intimate relationship with the greatest Person in the universe gives me an edge in life.

Apostle Peter was able to know when the men Cornelieus sent were around, and the Holy Spirit allowed him to follow them.The early Church decision was overseered by the Holy Spirit.
Many in the church have learnt to tap into His power, but few have tapped into His knowledge.I can have the power of the Spirit and still make miserable choices, but when I have access into His knowledge I WILL take right paths in life.
Its time to begin to know things,places, and events by the Holy Spirit.He knows all things,and He wants to share them with us.He grieves to see us fail, decieved and frustrated when He is by our side.

I encourage you to develop the habit of listening and not forcing your way through life.


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