Month: April 2009

The Big Challenge

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Every life is a story.You will be remembered for the problem you solved and the problem you caused.No body leaves the world the way they met it.This two repercussion of our lives therefore raises a challenge to live our lives in such a consciousness that our lives brings more solution than problem.

When Abraham slept with Hagar, unknown to him he was giving birth to a generational problem, David’s adultery with Bathsheba gave birth to a problem.Unfortunately, few people in history have brought us benefit through their positive inventions.
The inventor of the atomic bomb and nuclear weapon gave birth to a world problem that has resulted in catastrophic effect.

Millions have died as a result of one man’s failure.You are not the only person who will be affected by the problems you caused.

Therefore, I challenge you today to become sensitive to how your live your life.Become a generational thinker.


“Until certain people meet at certain time, certain changes cannot be made”.