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Hello,Welcome to 2009.The best year yet will be 2009. Every Christian should be looking to the future with great faith and hope, even if we are looking into the “great tribulation.” It does not matter what comes upon the world, our King has prevailed, His kingdom is going to come, and His will is going to be done, right here on earth as it is in heaven eeeee1.jpgIts my sincere desire that you will experience a life-transforming and enriching moment here. I pray that what you find here will not just excite you but challenge you to be more committed to the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Before you commence, I want to ask you a question.Are you a missionary christian? Or are you a nominal Christian.Friends, time is running out!!! The Church is living on borrowed time.Its time to reach people for Jesus.You are not saved to wait for heaven to come.You are saved to lead others to the saving knowledge of Jesus.As you keeping going through this site I pray that you will be captivated to be a Missionary Christian.

I have included great articles from renowned ministers of God that will challenge you to re-evaluate the way you have lived your life.

Thank you and God bless you.

Evangelist Ndubuisi Eke





“… God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him” (Acts 10:38).

Almost every time I look at the clock and see it’s 10:38, I stop and give thanks. It has served as a natural reminder of this great verse of Scripture now for many years. It records the only true standard for the Christian life: Jesus healed “all who were oppressed by the devil.” Sickness only has one source–the devil–and Jesus is the answer. This is one of the most important verses for me in the Bible. It has gripped me so much through the years that it has almost become an unconscious habit to take a moment and reflect on what this verse means for my life whenever I see that the time is 10:38.
The standard of Jesus’ life has yet to be duplicated. He healed ALL who came to Him. Yet this is the only acceptable standard and lifestyle to follow. The convicting part of the verse for me is the ending. It says, “…for God was with Him.” In other words, miracles are the natural fruit of His abiding presence. When God’s presence has been given to us, we are obligated to conquer something. It is expected. It is illegal to have the presence of the Lord and merely live in Christian comfort.

Here is a secret to the miraculous: until you buy the field it will always be someone else’s treasure (Matthew 13:44). I bought the field– the field that has little natural value of itself. The field in Jesus’ parable has briars and all kinds of debris. In reality, it has been purchased in the past, but was abandoned by former generations. History tells us that one of the most difficult things has been for people to walk in a miracle lifestyle because there is so much controversy and difficulties to explain. Some live rejected and despised, while some become embittered. Still others have used the recognition for personal gain. Yet all the failures of the past do not remove from us the responsibility to pursue the standard that Jesus set. We must learn to use the tragedies of history as a warning of the inherent challenges that come with the mission. Buying the field means you are willing to embrace the controversy, the persecutions, the pains and the difficulties that go along with the field to enter into a miracle lifestyle.

I am in debt, “for God is with me.” Something has been given to me to produce a certain result. I am obligated to stand before Him with the fruit of His presence–the same as Jesus. I have become possessed with a promise and apprehended for a purpose.

To disregard our place in history is foolish. If our understanding of humility causes us to shy away from our place to shape history, it is the wrong definition of humility. Humility leads us to our destiny, not from it. I cannot ignore the hour we live in and miss the divine moment because of my focus on being unworthy. At some point we have to believe that the blood of Jesus was sufficient and step into our destiny. We have been entrusted with something–His presence–and we must present to Him fruit equal to that gift.

John Alexander Dowie is considered by many to be the father of the healing movement. The verse that God illuminated to Him was Acts 10:38. It changed everything. May it do the same for us.

I bought the field because of the treasure that is in it. This is what I live for. I love miracles as much as anyone I know. Whether it is healing, deliverance, conversion, the saving of a marriage, a business that turns around–whatever the miracle is–I love and celebrate when God is at work. But as much as I love them, they don’t captivate my heart. They point to the actual treasure: Jesus. I am captivated by the Son of God who is so perfect, yet can flow through someone who is not. He alone captures my heart. When He works through us in the same way He did in His earthly life, it becomes an evidence of His abiding presence: Acts 10:38.


One thought on “WELCOME TO NEMinistries

    Mengistu Getie said:
    November 8, 2010 at 11:08 pm11

    I have a calling to be amissionary.How can I join the missions field?


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