2009 is ‘the year of Supernatural Manifestation’

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You Were Born for the Impossible…

The reason God didn’t take you take you to be with Him when you were born again is because you have the divine assignment to invade the impossible.  The reality of the Christian life is measured by the impact of the impossible. 

Much of what we give God credit for can be done by the Kawanis Club.  I’m don’t mean God is not involved, I’m just saying all it is doing is tapping into human talent to accomplish what mankind can accomplish.

What satisfaction is there in human accomplishment?  There is some, but it’s not really lasting.  It’s nothing like having cancer disappear.  It’s nothing like the mother that lost the use of one arm to an accident, lost three inches of bone.  She couldn’t grasp, couldn’t raise her arm; she couldn’t pick up her two year old because of this surgery. She had five surgeries in four and a half years.  There was nothing like watching a lady pray for her and watching God add the three inches of bone adding all movement, all feeling, everything.  Then she goes to pick up her two year old and her little girl says “No mommy, broken arm” because that’s all she has heard her whole life.  To then see her say to her little girl, “No, it’s ok now.”

All the buildings I could build, all the money I could raise holds a breath to of competition to the moment of seeing that little girl held by her mother. I’ll take that over a million buildings.

And that’s who you are!  You were born into this family, the actual Spirit of the resurrected Christ took up residents in us.  He’s in us and He wants out!


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